January 2019

Bills to follow, dates to save, Jan meeting minutes and more! Election of officers to continue in February...

January 21 Meeting Minutes of the Dickinson County Democrats
Nature Trails Club House, 465 202nd St. – Milford IA 51355

LEGISLATIVE FORUMS: Invited to attend are local house and senate representatives along with state and national government elected officials.
   Saturday, February 16, 2019
   Saturday, March 9, 2019
   Saturday, March 30, 2019
SPENCER TIME and LOCATION:  9 - 10:30am, Council Chamber, Spencer City Hall, 418 2nd Ave West, Spencer. A light breakfast is served from sponsors beginning at 8:30am when the doors open.
OKOBOJI TIMES AND LOCATION:  11:30 – 11:30 am at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, 2201 Hwy. 71, Okoboji, IA 51355
In the event of a cancellation due to weather a possible make-up date is:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
Monday, February 18. 6:30 pm social time, 7:00 meeting.

With 21 members in attendance on brutally cold winter evening, Chairman Prior called the meeting to order with the pledge of allegiance. We were delighted to have several new members in attendance and went around the room introducing ourselves.

Chairman’s Introductory Remarks Chairman Prior reviewed our accomplishments the past two years. When he agreed to lead this organization on June 17, 2017 the Dickinson Dems had been basically dormant, with only $472 in bank. Iowa Great Lakes Indivisible and Podunk Resistance pulled people together to re-fire the party, and now where we are today. In last 18 months we had successful major events, including the sold-out Summer Sizzler fundraiser last July that attracted major state and national candidates. Nearly every month we have had a different candidate speaker. We feel good about having a part to play in flipping the house. We worked on and came up with a message of what we stand for: WE CARE. Last December the Dickinson Dems bought out the supply of Sunshine Foods’ holiday suppers for the Upper Des Moines Food drive. Even though we did not beat Steve King, we did! JD came within 3 points, the closest candidate yet to defeating King. And now King is in a heap of trouble, sanctioned by his own party, stripped of committees, and being asked to resign. Now he finally says he will hold town halls but like JD said, you can’t fake showing up: as of today he has yet to release dates and times. We will share with you as we find out. This coming year is going to be very busy with candidates trafficking through Iowa for the 2020 elections.

Secretary Report: Secretary Shuttleworth would like anyone who is not receiving minutes to let her know by sending an email to dickinsondemsia@gmail.com. Minutes are also posted on our website. We need to follow legislation and stay in contact with our elected representatives. Brett Copeland will be posting their contact information and bill tracking tools on the website: www.thedickinsondems.com.

Treasurer’s Report: Kaylene Kinlan shared a “Statement of Cash on Hand” report from January 2018 to October 2018. We currently sit near $3000 and had as much as $21,571.41 last summer after the fundraiser, and were able to make candidate donations. We have made great progress from 2017 when we had under $500 in our coffers.
Democrats Care - Martin Luther King Day: Chairman Prior asked members to brainstorm opportunities to show ‘Democrats Care’ and get earned media for participating in a monthly service event either through contribution or physically volunteering wearing a ‘Democrats Care’ badge. Ideas brainstormed included Wheels on Meals, Headstart, CAASA, Young Professionals, Bedell Service Day, clean up park, Back Pack Program, Mental Health Services, Special Olympics, etc. What demographic do we need to swing? How do we get younger people to participate? They are busy, have kids, can we give a night off, free babysitting, provide sitter during meetings? JoAnn Heerdt and Linda Hemphill volunteered as potential sitter volunteers. Some of the younger members suggested have a mixture of meetings and FUN! Happy hour. Put the Party in the Democratic Party. Contact Young Professionals.
If you have ideas, please you the Contact Us form on the Dickinson County Democrat web page.

Develop Dem Action Plan: It is time of year to form the Dickinson County Action Plan as we are less than 13 months away from Iowa caucuses. Because of low meeting attendance, we will continue the Action Plan discussion during the February meeting.

Steve King Town Hall Attendance He has still not listed dates and times. If he does we need to have a good turnout. We are not going to create havoc but hold him accountable. As we learn of dates we will notify via Facebook, email, etc.

Election of Officers
Officers need to be elected for Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. We have to notify Dem party at State level and do in time, to have contact.
Chairman Prior indicated he will be stepping down. He committed for two years, accomplished what he needed to do and needs to get back to retired life but is willing to serve in an advisory role. His resignation was accepted but not first without many thanks from members who shared their appreciation for his service.
Brett Copeland was nominated for the new chair (JoAnn Heerdt, Mary Little).  Nominations ceased (Virginia Kelly, Kaylene Kinlen). All ayes. Congratulations to Brett! He has great experience, leadership skills and is adept at organizing and social media.
A motion was made to elect remaining officers until Feb meeting with more members present (Karen Larson, Virginia Kelly) All ayes. Think about serving as an officer, or nominating someone. We will need a new vice-chair as Andrew Dunn, co-vice chair to Brett, has taken on a new job. Kaylene Kinlan has been a wonderful treasurer but needs and deserves to retire. Jane Shuttleworth is current secretary and willing to let someone else take on this fun job.
Other Announcements
BILLS to FOLLOW Sandy Ladegaard shared several bills are moving through the Republican controlled legislature of great concern. Please follow links to these stories published in the Des Moines Register and make your voice heard. Write editorials and letters to the editor.
Reduce public notice when a bill is introduced. If you’re following a bill moving through the Senate, in some instances you may no longer have a 24-hour notice about when the initial meeting about the bill — known at the Capitol as a subcommittee meeting — will come up. Read more: http://desmoinesregister.ia.newsmemory.com/?publink=0b91346bb
The GOP is also posturing to inject politics into Iowa courtshttp://desmoinesregister.ia.newsmemory.com/?publink=2ae0bc355

Summer Sizzler 2019 John Adams, Fundraising Chair, reported on plans for the 2019 Summer Sizzler. We sold out the Arnolds Park Pavilion at 304 tickets. With this summer being beginning 2020 campaign we will likely have a bigger audience and need a bigger space. Plus, the Arnolds Park Pavilion has raised rent from $600 to $2000. An alternative is the Expo Center, they can easily hold 600-700 people and each candidate can have own space. The rent should be under 1000 maybe as low as 600. We have a tremendous caterer in our fold, Michael Dunn. We need to get going on this. Tentative date this year is July 31. It was agreed Adams check on price and availability of Expo Center for the summer fundraiser.

WOLF PAC Karen Larson reported a new political action committee has been formed to support female candidates running for public office across NW Iowa: the WOLF PAC. NW Iowa is the most challenged in gender equity challenged part of the state. Lee Ann Jacobson, founder, will provide more information at our February meeting. In the meantime, a meeting will be held at Karen’s home Thursday, January 24 at 10285 237th Ave. Spirit Lake. Children welcome.

Kate Newey Wins Emerge Iowa Scholarship: Kate Newey, owner of Studio Burn where our temporary Democratic Headquarters were located last election cycle, introduced herself to the audience. She thanked the Dickinson County Democrats for posting information about Emerge Iowa on our Facebook Page. She received a big applause of support from the audience when she announced she had received full scholarship to Emerge Iowa. It is a training program for Democratic women who want to run for public office. It is the only in-depth, six-month, 70-hour, training program that inspires candidates to run and gives them the tools to win. Kate applied for and received a full scholar ship to the training program. Her first training will be this weekend in Des Moines.

Our next monthly meeting will be Monday, February 18, most likely again at the Nature Trails Club House.