Iowans deserve fair and honest opportunities to achieve the American Dream, to foster a strong public education system, and live in healthy and safe communities.

Democrats believe in a level, honest playing field focusing on rights for:

The American Dream

  • Economy (Jobs)
  • Rural Development
  • Ensure Corporate Tax Breaks Benefit Communities
  • Agriculture
  • Trade Tariff Scrutiny
  • CAFOs - Responsible and Community-Driven Ag Policy
  • Labor Worker’s Rights
  • Collective Bargaining Rights Maintained
  • Good-Paying Jobs

A Strong Public Education System

  • Public School Education; Equity & Excellence in Rural Schools
  • Fully Funding PUBLIC school, Colleges & Universities
  • Education Excellence
  • Respect for Teacher’s Rights/Pay
  • Community Support

Healthy and Safe Communities

  • Environment
  • Clean Water & Air
  • Responsible Gun Abuse Solutions
  • VA, Honoring the Promise
  • Healthcare & Human Services
  • Healthcare for All
  • Mental Health Support