2018 County Convention

Meeting Minutes from March 24, 2018

During the meeting Chairman Prior reminded us all that today, March 24, would likely be a day in history. Prelude today a day that changed the world. Call Meeting to Order Harold Prior, Temporary Convention Chair, convened the meeting with Pledge of Allegiance. He thanked all those who braved the snow storm to attend, and acknowledged the efforts of his wife, officers, the Platform Committee and the convention delegates and alternates for their work organizing and preparing for this important event. He also shared opening words adopted from Cass County.

Delegates and attendees of the 2018 Dickinson County Democratic Convention.

Delegates and attendees of the 2018 Dickinson County Democratic Convention.

Top:  Leann Jacobsen, candidate for U.S. Congress to replace Steve King.   Bottom:  Karen Larson, candidate for Iowa House District 1 to replace John Wills.

Top: Leann Jacobsen, candidate for U.S. Congress to replace Steve King.

Bottom: Karen Larson, candidate for Iowa House District 1 to replace John Wills.

Introduction of Guests & Speakers

Leann Jacobsen, Candidate for Fourth Congressional District, shared her ‘progress over politics’ leadership vision which emphasizes revitalizing rural Iowa economies and communities. Learn more about Leann and her campaign at https://www.leannjacobsen.com 

Karen Larson, House District One Candidate, re-introduced herself and shared a letter to the editor published in the Des Moines Register on the First and Second Amendments in relation to gun control policy – with rights come responsibilities. She invites all to get involved in her campaign. Visit her website and do not be afraid to make a donation www.larsonforhouse.com

Nate Boulton Vicky Perry spoke on behalf of Nate Boulton, candidate for Governor. He is the only candidate with legislative experience Nate Boulton grew up in the small Iowa town of Columbus Junction, in a proud union family. As an attorney, Nate has spent his career standing up to powerful interests, from big corporations to the Branstad – Reynolds administration. Learn more about Nate and his campaign at https://www.boultonforiowa.com  

Fred Hubbell Carl Klein spoke on behalf of Fred Hubbell for governor, stating Hubbel has energy and drive as well as knowledge to be a great governor. https://fredhubbell.com 

Ryan Odor Harold Prior then read a statement from Ryan Odor, House District Two candidate and Executive Director of the Arts on Grand in Spencer. His website is: https://www.odorforiowahouse.com 

Cathy Glasson Harold Prior read a statement from Glasson’s campaign. http://www.cathyglasson.com/

Select Permanent chair

The next order of business was to elect chair and secretary for the Convention meeting. A call for nominations were made for Convention Chair. Harold Prior was nominated (Tom Early, Brett W. Copeland). It was moved nominated cease (Lori Adams, Linda Hemphill). Prior was elected Convention Chair, all ayes.

Select Permanent Secretary

Jane Shuttleworth was nominated for Convention Secretary (Gail Bockman/Anita Soreneson). Moved nominations cease (Jane Papone/Lori Adams). Shuttleworth elected Convention secretary, all ayes.

Harold Prior, left, chaired the convention, while Jane Shuttleworth, right, recorded action as secretary.

Harold Prior, left, chaired the convention, while Jane Shuttleworth, right, recorded action as secretary.

Election of Delegates to State Convention

Dickinson County is allowed to send four delegates to the State Convention. The option of forming preference groups was discussed but not adopted. Nominations opened for delegates. The following slate of individuals was nominated (Joyce Prior/ Vicki Perry) John Adams, Brett W. Copeland, Carl Klein and Tammy Fredericks. Elected all ayes.

Election of Alternates to State

Nominations then opened for alternates with the following individuals: Gail Bockman, Mari Miller, Tom Early, Sarah Early. Motion made to accept nominations (Julie Fairchild/Tim Hemphill). All ayes.

Platform Committee Brett Copeland, Platform Committee Chair, thanked fellow committee members (Harold Prior, Kaylene Kinlen, Caroline Perkins, Michael Dunn, Gail Bockman, JoAnn Heerdt, Tammy Hamlin, Mary Strachan and Tamara Frederick) and shared copies of the draft Dickinson County Democratic Platform updated and formatted with numbered sentences for discussion. The committee met after the February Caucus to sift through the many resolution submitted and avoid duplication. The draft platform had been previously emailed to the Dickinson Dems prior to the Convention and presented at the March 19 regular meeting. After noting a few typos, it was moved to accept the draft (Tom Early/Michael Dunn). All ayes.

Discussion then shifted to specific comments on the draft resolutions.

Healthcare – Finding Responsible Solutions to Gun Violence

Austin Fairchild initiated a very serious and thoughtful discussion of the resolution on responsible solution to gun violence. He stated the opening statement “whereas no one has the right to own a weapon of war’ is poor messaging to rural Iowans who have grown up with guns and hunting, and that instead emphasis should be made on to require proper education and training to handle a gun.

After further deliberation and discussion, a motion was made (Copeland/Bockman) to edit the resolution with the following change:

Healthcare - Finding Responsible Solutions to Gun Violence

Whereas The Dickinson County Democratic Party is pledged to work toward a responsible solution to the ongoing public health crisis of gun violence in America;

Whereas no one has the right to own a weapon of war, but all responsible rights, such as for self-defense, hunting should be protected;

Whereas bump stocks and other mechanical devices that dramatically increase the firepower of a rile for smaller weapon should be abolished;

Whereas Americans must have the courage to stand up for responsible measures against the weapons at any prices, any size;

Therefore let it be resolved that the state of Iowa and the United States approach addressing gun violence and responsible ownership through a four tiered approach;

Therefore let it be further resolved that the 1996 Dickey Amendment banning CDC research on gun violence be lifted;

Therefore let it further be resolved that an allocation on the state and federal level of increased funding for mental mental health research, problem solving, and application; Let it be resolved that our state and nation will not cut corners or vital programs as our opposing party advocates - but by being a legislative leader in gun violence research as regards the mental health component of this problem.

Therefore let it be further resolved that an increased system of background checks on all gun purchases including mandatory education and training requirements
is instituted so that the prospective gun purchaser legal and mental background data are accessible to all law enforcement agencies;

Therefore let it be further resolved the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban be immediately reinstated. beginning with the AR-15 and other weapons of war as studies deem applicable.

Healthcare – Medicare for All A motion was made (Tom Early/Anita Sorenson) to modify the opening statement of the aforementioned health care resolution as follows:

Healthcare - Medicare for All

Whereas Iowa Democrats believe that healthcare is a human right not a privilege and individuals have the right to determine their own healthcare;

Whereas Iowa Democrats recognize the health and well-being of Iowans cannot continue to be based on arbitrary private and public financial decisions and therefore advocates legislation to create and implement a publicly funded (single-payer), privately delivered, fiscally tractable, comprehensive, secure, high-quality, efficient, and sustainable health care system for all Iowans;

Whereas we must move quickly to protect, improve upon, and expand the healthcare gains made under the Affordable Care Act;

Whereas the Iowa GOP’s privatization scheme has left middle class and vulnerable Iowans with few options for reliable and affordable healthcare;

Therefore let it be resolved that the Iowa Democratic Party supports efforts to create a Medicare for All-like single payer program in Iowa that would provide comprehensive, secure, and quality healthcare for all and that essential to a strong single payer system is a vibrant public health system including our public hospitals, mental health services, and clinics, and a workforce that is protected and afforded opportunities throughout the transition.

Human Services – Modify Required Information on Iowa Birth Certificates T’was moved and seconded (Copeland/Bockman) to strike the resolution as it was not submitted by local membership and the intent and purpose of the verbiage is vague.

A motion was made to approve incorporation of the above changes into a final Dickinson County Platform (Tom early. Anita Sorenson). All ayes.

Elect Affirmative Action Chair Chairman Prior explained the state Democratic Committee has asked each county central committee to appoint an Affirmative Action chair, for the purpose of making efforts to ensure underserved populations are included and participating in the Party. Underserved could be broadly interpreted to include minorities, low income, GLTBQI, elderly … and rural Iowa in general. Brett W. Copeland was nominated as Affirmative Action Chair (Tom Early/Michael Dunn). All ayes.