2018 Resolutions on the Government

Funding the Iowa Judiciary

Whereas local court houses are the center of small business and city life;

Whereas employees at local court houses are integral members of the community;

Whereas local citizens deserve the due process rights granted to them under the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions;

Therefore let it be resolved that the Iowa judicial system be fully-funded and furloughed employees return to work.

Local Government and Federal Government Relations

Whereas local citizens rely on their neighbors to be strong pillars of their cultural and agricultural community; therefore let it be resolved that local governments have the autonomy and authority to designate or release their local law enforcement and other city or county entities from undue restraint or burden from federal government operations.

Undocumented Individuals will be tried in Civil Court System

Therefore let it be resolved that any undocumented individuals will be considered under the civil, and not criminal system, at the local and state level.

Upholding the Promise of Public Service

Whereas politicians continue to receive benefits even after their term has expired, they have vacated their office, or have been removed by election or other action;

Therefore let it be resolved that they will no longer receive the benefits granted to them while they were serving in public office, in the same manner that an employee behaves when they leave a job.

Restore Power to Citizens by Banning Corporate Money in Elections

Whereas the Dickinson County Democrats call for the overturning of Citizens United;

Whereas individuals’ voices are drowned out by corporate cash in electoral and legislative politics;

Let it be resolved that Iowa will ban all corporate, association, and other lobbyist contributions to candidates or those who hold public office.