From the Dickinson Dems' Ratified Platform of 2018

We the People of the Dickinson County Democratic Party believe that Iowa families deserve access to a high-quality education, the opportunity to get good jobs, and are able to live well in healthy communities.

  • We believe that members of the Armed Forces deserve our support while in the military and after they return home as veterans.
  • We believe that a thriving business community does not have to come at the expense of workers’ rights.
  • We believe that Iowa’s heritage — agriculture — can be rich and successful without harming our environment or the long-term success of family farmers.
  • We believe in empowering every generation of Iowan.
  • We believe in being active citizens, doing hard work, and being responsible neighbors.
  • We believe that our vote is our greatest American right and will defend it.
  • And we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to realize our Nation’s founding promise: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Dickinson County Democrats reaffirm with this platform our state’s official motto:

Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain.

Created by Iowans for Iowans.


  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Moratorium
  • Stimulating Opportunity and Environmental Sustainability for Family Farmers through Cover Crops


  • Ensuring Corporate Tax Breaks Benefit Iowa Communities


  • Ensuring Education Excellence
  • Ensuring Equity and Excellence in Rural Schools


  • Preventing and Preparing for the Effects of Climate Change


  • Funding the Iowa Judiciary
  • Local Government and Federal Government Relations
  • Undocumented Individuals will be tried in Civil Court System
  • Upholding the Promise of Public Service
  • Restore Power to Citizens by Banning Corporate Money in Elections


  • Healthcare Professional Recruitment and Tele-Health
  • Medicare for All
  • A Strong VA: Honoring our Promise to America’s Heroes
  • Finding Responsible Solutions to Gun Violence

Human Services

  • End Medicaid Privatization and Fully Fund Mental Health Services


  • Restore Public Employee Bargaining Rights